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Chania - remote recording   3-5-2015

Chania, Crete, Greece

Latitude: +35.51°N
Longitude: +24.02°E

Nikos Angelakis with KRITI FM 101.5

Sounds of the Kriti FM radio station in Chania

For the last 25 years, KRITI FM 101.5 has adopted its own way to come and go in daily events without dependencies and entanglements, selfishness and interest. The atmosphere in the "air" of KPHTH FM always defined its people that form its existence.

In the era of banality to be yourself is almost synonymous to a crime. Especially on radio. Fortunately there is a whole world that wants to hear something real - this is the audience for KPHTH FM 101.5. Over time, the station has attracted individuals and groups of people who cultivate a certain interaction, promoting communication and forming a unique ethos of coexistence and friction.

KPHTH FM 101.5 is a live and active member of both the city, the region of Chania, the island of Crete and of a global audience. Therefore, participating as media sponsor in every artistic and social activity that we find that it is transcending the narrow limits of what has been done, what has been already seen, is a natural part of our history. We are proud to support this effort - for the second year in a row - of a few people who managed to unite likeminded individuals from all over the world.

Image shows mascots of KPHTH FM 101.5, Fidel the Doberman and Xanthipi outside the station's building.