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Wellington - play archive stream 27-1-2013

All India Radio, Sinhala service. 20.88k AAC+ mono audio
Received in Wellington, NZ on 27-1-2013

Remote recording unavailable

Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand

Latitude: +41°17'S
Longitude: +174°47'E

Chris Mackerell

Radio receivers

'I have being [experimenting] with reception of digital shortwave broadcasts from my home in Wellington, New Zealand and my holiday cottage in Marahau, Tasman Bay, New Zealand. To date I have been able to receive broadcasts from transmitters located in the Netherlands Antilles, Canada, Portugal, the UK, Luxembourg, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Thailand, The Netherlands, Germany, Russia, China, France, Sweden, Norway, Chile, Austria, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, India, Ecuador, Bulgaria & Romania.

'Digital Radio Mondiale, DRM™ for short, is a method of broadcasting on AM radio using digital signals rather than analogue - it's like listening to an audio stream on the Internet, but broadcast on medium or shortwave radio rather than via the net. In addition to potentially crystal-clear reception, DRM™ signals can also carry multimedia information in addition to the audio signal, or to carry multiple program streams on one signal

'I have also experimented with transmitting DRM around my house using the DReaM software, which includes a transmitter option, and a Jackson Harbor LF to HF Converter module which converts the sound card IF output up to the HF range. This has a range of only a couple of meters, but I have been able to transmit data and audio from my own LPFM radio station, WorldFM around the house.

'I am listening from Tawa, a suburb of Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. It's a residential area with houses filled with TVs, computers and other noise-generating electronics. My house is no exception!

'The receiver I am using is a Yaesu FRG-100/DRM supplied by SAT-Service Schneider in Germany. You can see the range of DRM™ products that they offer on this web page: SAT-Service Schneider DRM page. The FRG-100/DRM is fitted with a 12 kHz IF output and has bandwidth filter changes to receive DRM™ broadcasts. In my receiver I've had the wide AM filter bank used for DRM™ - this results in AM Wide being *really* wide when used for normal AM transmissions.

'Recently (2010-2013+) most of my DRM monitoring has been done from my holiday cottage at Marahau, Tasman Bay, using an un-modified AOR AR-7030, using the standard IF-out connector to feed into my computer.

'My antenna is a 30 metre wire in the garden. This feeds my receiver through a JPS (now Timewave) ANC-4 noise reduction unit to help cut down some of the local noise from my PC (though it appears to make little, if any, difference to DRM reception quality)'.

Chris Mackerell