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south river - remote recording 2-5-15

NAISA Soundcamp

Warbler's Roost South River, Canada

Latitude: +45.82361111111111°N
Longitude: -79.58222222222221°W

Darren Copeland for NAISA  

By satellite internet from very quiet countryside outside South River, Ontario - 4 hours drive north of Toronto

Anna Friz :
Transmission Ecologies

H E A R N O W H E R E / Listening to Warbler’s Roost

For a hearing person, listening never stops. No matter the task at hand, the state of mind, or the condition of hearing. The soundscape also never stops. When you listen to the soundscape, you make a series of unconscious choices. There are sounds you choose to listen to and others you choose to ignore. These choices change your perception of the environment, and in a sense, allow you to create your own composition based on which sounds you have chosen to focus on.

We are sharing this rural soundscape for 24 hours in order to provide you with a palette of sounds from which you can compose your own soundscape composition based on the rich acoustic environment of Warbler’s Roost.

On May 2 from midnight to midnight Greenwich time, the soundscape at Warbler’s Roost will be in the midst of the transition of Springtime. The calm silence of winter will have slipped into memory. The birds will not be in full swing yet, but we anticipate the frogs to take centre stage. A drumming partridge might interject with its sub-audio beats. Some ravens, hawks and crows may help to articulate the spatial topography with their calls. Various land animals will be searching and rummaging for food. The humans will only provide minimal interjections – the odd car or ATV might be heard from a distance, or an airplane might pass by. But then again, it could rain … which will change everything.

In a soundscape free of urban hum, we look forward to sharing the soundscape of Warbler’s Roost - through participating in SoundCamp/Reveil - with listeners around the world.

It is your piece because you are listening to it – enjoy.