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Maweni - remote recording   2-12-2014

Maweni - stream unavailable   3-5-2015

Maweni Farm, Soni, Tanzania

Latitude: -4°51'47.26"
Longitude: +38°22'38.35"

Maweni Farm, Lars Johansson, Msheba Omar Othman, soundCamp

NE Tanzania: people working in the fields, forests and around the house; birds, frogs, hyraxes, rain on the corrugated metal roof

The location is in one of the most biodiverse areas in E Africa. The mountains of the West Usambara around Lushoto support dense human and non human populations through a mix of agricultural and horticultural technologies. Agroforestry and soil and water conservation practices combine indigenous and imported approaches as the outcome of complex negotiations among users.

Maweni Farm is a guesthouse and media centre. The microphones are in the roof space of the house, near the eaves. The stream is via a Raspberry Pi with the ART Dual Pre, over wifi with a 3G router, to an Airtel mast. It is hosted by Locus Sonus.

The garden by the farmhouse has a great variety of birdlife. On the edge of a small lake 100 metres from the house, a large colony of African Golden and Grosbeak Weavers can be heard as a high pitched background, mixed with sounds of insects. Closer up, White Browed Robin-Chats have clear calls and elaborate songs with striking accelerations and crescendos. At dusk and night, rock hyraxes made sharp loud chuckles and African Wood Owls hoot. Motorcycles travel between the small nearby town of Soni to the West, and fields and villages in the mountains. People work around the house, speaking Kiswahili or Kisambaa. Cockerels, cattle in byres, rodents in the roof

Power and internet connectivity are variable. If the stream is down, please try later.