Soundcamp took place for the second time in May 2015. The hub was at Stave Hill Ecological Park in Rotherhithe, as it was the year before. This time there were additional soundcamps in Cumbria, Dartmoor, Belfast (all UK); Upper Hudson, New York; Chicago, Illinois; Toronto, Canada; Jeju Island, S Korea; Tartu County, Estonia; Santorini, Greece; Vitanje, Slovenija; Fortore Valley, Italy and Niolon, France.

The Reveil broadcast began at 5 AM London time (UTC +1) on Saturday the 2nd of May and continued until next Sunday morning at 6 AM. Travelling west with the sunrise, it included a wide variety of soundscapes from remote rural locations to dense urban centres. The schedule lists the sites in broadcast order, with details of locations, streamers and projects. It links to profiles of sites, beginning at Stave Hill.

SoundCamp is grateful for support in the UK from Sound and Music and Arts Council England. Our primary broadcast partners were Wave Farm in New York, who hosted the main link. Our UK broadcast partners were Resonance in London, who also provided support in kind. Thank you.

In addition soundCamp has been supported by private donations, and exists as the assembled contributions of artists, scientists, activists, listeners and others, who freely contribute live audio streams, thoughts, reflections, technical support, plantings, cooking and in other ways.

Thank you all.

Image: soundtent, Stave Hill 2014, pinhole, ky lewis

SoundCamp 2015 Announce

Soundcamps 2015 - locations, links and contacts

Stave Hill Ecological Park, Rotherhithe, London, UK
London soundcamp - flyer
With Ancient food over open fires by The Philosopher's Stove - MENU

Piel House, Furness Peninsula, Cumbria, UK
Octopus soundcamp - info and booking
Glenn Boulter    glenn@octopuscollective.org

Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon, UK

Lucinda Guy    info@soundartradio.org.uk

Ulster Museum and Botanic Garden, Belfast, N Ireland

Rui Chaves    rchaves01@qub.ac.uk

Wave Farm, Acra, Upper Hudson, New York, USA

Galen Joseph-Hunter    galen@wavefarm.org

Radius, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Jeff Kolar    info@theradius.us

NAISA, Toronto, Canada

Darren Copeland    naisa@naisa.ca

CONA, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Brane Zorman    cona@cona.si

Põlva County, Estonia

Dawn Scarfe    dawn.scarfe@gmail.com

Liminaria, S Italy

Leandro Pisano    leandro.pisano@gmail.com

Vothonas, Santorini, Thira, Greece
Mazi soundcamp - details
Alyssa Moxley    ajmoxley@googlemail.com