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Valparaíso - remote recording 2-5-2015

Valparaíso, Chile

Latitude: -33°02'S
Longitude: -71°38'W

Fernando Godoy at TSONAMI

Sounds from a height: birds, street, distant port, from a hill in the city

'I plan to contribute with an ear from my window. I live on a hill of the city of Valparaíso, on the third floor of an old building. I moved here some months ago and the first impression was the topography of the hill. I can hear in three dimensions: I can see and hear the sounds from the hill in front of my window, and also the sounds of the street below and opposite my bedroom (the first days after moving here I was struck be the 3D effect of the cars crossing my bedroom from left to right).

'I like the daybreak here because it is very quiet and you can hear birds, little sounds from the other hill, the port as a background, and the city waking up.'

Fernando Godoy is a musician, sound artist and producer who lives and works in Valparaíso, Chile. His work uses diverse means and media to investigate acoustic phenomena in fields such as the soundscape, the link between art and technology, auditory phenomena, and their relationship with territory and the perception of time. His practice includes live performance, installations, web projects and composition. In addition he directs the Tsonami International Sound Art Festival in Valparaíso, a platform for the dissemination and development of contemporary sound practices.