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Hornoya - remote recording 3-5-2015

Hornøya, Vardø, Vranger, Norway

Latitude: +70° 23' 20.89"N
Longitude: +31° 9' 10.57"E

Biotope and Cloudware

Live webcam with video and sounds of the bird cliff on Hornøya, Øst-Finnmark

A cross section of the bird cliff on Hornøya, Øst-Finnmark, with kittiwakes and guillemots.

The first birds arrive in February/March and lay eggs during April/May. We can expect to see the first kittiwake chicks by the end of June. The chicks are fed by both parents for 5 to 6 weeks until they all leave Hornøya at the end of July and August.

Thanks to Ole Klaudiussen in Vardø who helped get out to the island, and Rob Barrett at the Tromsø University Museum and SEAPOP for economic support. Read about the trip here.

Hornøya is an amazing place: it is the home of 100,000 seabirds, and it is only a 10 minute boat drive from Vardø island. It hosts a wide varitey of bird seabird species. It is this spectacle we aim to bring closer to the people of Vardø and the rest of the world.

The web camera project on Hornøya is spearheaded by Biotope and Cloudware - a mix of nature knowledge and computer knowledge. We have developed a web camera set up, that provides high quality and a very decent price. We handle everything from the mounting to the online presentation and operation systems. In short: we have made a system of quality components to easily stream the bird life from cliff to the people. A few photos below from our recent trip to Hornøya. Grand thanks to fisherman Ole Klaudiussen in Vardø, who brought us safely to and from Vardø on a windy march day.

The variety of bird species on Hornøya is great ...