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Ulster - remote recording 3-5-2015

Belfast Soundcamp

Ulster Museum, Belfast, N Ireland

Latitude: +54.582309°N
Longitude: -5.935357°W

Rui Chaves with the Ulster Museum and SARC

Sounds from Ulster Museum and Belfast Botanic Garden

"The Ulster Museum is a regional institution dedicated to showing different archival collections relevant to Northern Ireland: fine art, botany, zoology, geology, antiquities and local history. The architectural design of this space features an open hall with views to all its floors. This creates a unique acoustic response that filters and amplifies the sounds of people transversing through this space and visiting the museum.

"My overall approach to distributed sonic events focuses on the delineation of strategies that not only promote a better contextualisation of the surrounding event, but also a better ‘mediation’ of the locales being broadcast. In this regard, the political and spatial archetype of this institution, while only affording a simulated adaptation of an outdoor camping situation — in contrast with other participating "nodes" — can also allow for a dedicated, intimate, descriptive and contemplative sonic milieu. An experience framed by a performative engagement with the idea of both being in a museum and listening to a disparate location. This ‘non-essentialised' approach to 'presenting' live sound extends to the action of ‘broadcasting’: exploring the museum, the open hall and its material features to ‘stream' a sonic output that reflects on the idea of modulation between place and its temporary inhabitants."

The soundcamp relays sounds from the museum's public spaces and its collections of artefacts and stuffed specimens. It provides a listening point in a gallery in a small illuminated tent equipped with speakers and a printed timeline, where visitors can sit or lie, and follow the progress of daybreak.

Before dawn on the morning of Sunday 3 MAY, we leave the museum and explore the sounds of the Belfast Botanic Garden, with its glasshouses, exotic tree species and impressive plant collections from the southern hemisphere, including the Tropical Ravine, currently awaiting planned restoration.

Organised in association with the Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC)

Rui Chaves (Santiago do Cacém, 1983) is a sound artist and performer. His artistic praxis foregrounds a discussion of presence — both physical and authorial — in the process of making sound art: an endeavour that is informed by a contemporary critical inquiry and exploration of the thematics of body, place, text and technology. This conceptual framework reflects an on-going interdisciplinary sound based artistic practice: site-specific interventions; mobile transmission projects; mixed-media installation; and community art projects.