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Costa Rica

Joel Goodwin (Live Nature Songs)

Southern Pacific Coastal Mountains, Costa Rica

Prairie Village, Kansas, USA

Littlehouse cam

Bird feeder by a stream

El Paso, Texas, USA

Hazel Ludlow

'This is Mesa St., the main artery for west El Paso. I happen to live right on it. Traffic is part of my dawn chorus, as are twitchy neighbors.. good morning...'

Seattle, Washington, USA

Salish hydrophone network

Salish sound traffic

La Verne, California, USA

Bella hummingbird nest cam

Hummingbird nest in a garden in S California. Birds, traffic, occasional wingbeats of Allen's Hummingbird (Selasphorus sasin). 'Bella has been building a nest in my ficus tree on my front porch since 2005'

San Diego, California, USA

Owlceanside barn owl cam

Owl nestbox with surrounding sounds