SoundCamp work with place and sound, especially live listening, as a way of exploring and making links between locations.

Starting with a small gathering of friends and family in Rotherhithe in May 2014, in 2015 soundcamps began to happen elsewhere, as a way to be outdoors at daybreak on International Dawn Chorus Day. Each soundcamp contributes a live feed to the shifting pool of online sounds at Locus Sonus and elsewhere which we call the Live Audio Archive. Over the course of one earth day a live radio composition is made by relaying sounds in a sequence that moves west with the line of first light, returning to where we started at Stave Hill Ecological Park as the sun is coming up on Sunday morning.

Streams come from a wide variety of locations, at a time of day when human sounds are relatively low, even in densely populated sites. This tends to open the sound field to a more diverse ecology than usual. The Reveil broadcast makes a space for this surplus by largely avoiding speech and music, gravitating to places where human and non human communities meet and soundworlds overlap.

SoundCamp are interested in the processes and means and the kinds of assemblies that can make real time connections between scattered sites and dispersed acoustic and ecological projects. Occasionally, we imagine, here and there conditions are created in which solidarities that are normally masked or submerged, become audible.

The soundCamp project is anticipated and informed by transects recorded by Gordon Hempton and Bernie Krause in the 1980's and 1990's that re-presented and extended auditions of the dawn chorus across large areas, as well as variants that captured the progress of Spring moving up over North America. The idea of a round-the-world dawn chorus recording lasting 24 hours has appeared periodically on wildlife and nature recordist lists. Gordon Hempton and the ornithologist Don Kroodsma have both imagined such a trajectory as a kind of aural surfing. In 2010 in collaboration with Páll Thayer, Ragnar Helgi Ólafsson made the installation DayBreak, Forever, which used a script to create a sequence through the Locus Sonus streams in much the same way Reveil would do later.


We initiate overnight soundcamps where people can sleep outside and investigate the sounds of unusual locations, especially at daybreak.

We transmit REVEIL: a 24 hour radio broadcast that tracks sunrise around the globe, relaying live audio streams from collaborating artists, independent channels, and a variety of streaming media assembled for the event.

We are a platform for artistic and trans disciplinary work in the emerging field of live streaming audio.

In partnership with Locus Sonus and others, we contribute to research and development of open source solutions for relaying live sounds, and establishing a permanent open microphone network as a resource for artists, researchers, activists and other listeners.

We assemble and produce materials online and in print as contexts for The Live Audio Archive which Reveil taps into and extends.


SoundCamp is coordinated in London by:

Grant Smith   self-noise.net
Maria Papadomanolaki   voice sound text
Kirsty Collander Brown   Roundhouse
Dawn Scarfe


Artistic advisor:   Gordon Hempton
Writing: Angus Carlyle (CRiSAP)
Graphics: Sam Baraitser Smith
Coding: Max Baraitser Smith
Photography: Ky Lewis
Design: Colin Sackett - Uniformbooks
Workshops: Peter Cusack


SoundCamp / REVEIL has been in close association with the following organisations:

(See Partners and Supporters for more information)

Locus Sonus
Stave Hill Ecological Park
Wave Farm | WGXC 90.7 FM
Resonance 104.4 FM
International Dawn Chorus Day   IDCD
The Philosopher's Stove
Octopus Collective
End of The World Garden


We are grateful for the support of

Sound and Music (2015)
B3Media (2016)
Arts Council England
Heritage Lottery Fund
Southwark Neighbourhoods Fund
North Southwark Environment Trust
Individual supporters


Wave Farm - international broadcast partner
Resonance FM - UK broadcast partner and sponsor
Soundart Radio
KRITI FM - kritifm1015.gr
Radio Papesse
Radio Patapoe, Amsterdam

Workshops and Contributors

Richard Beard - wildlife recordist, London Sound Survey
Ian Rawes - London Sound Survey
Steve Cornish - Friends of Russia Dock Woodland
Ben Green - natural historian
Rebeka Clark - Stave Hill
Joel Goodwin - Live Nature Songs
Udo Noll - radio aporee
Christian Nold - UCL - Heathrow Group
Hervé Glotin - SABIOD
Lars Johanssen - Maweni Farm
Bernie Krause


For details see the archive of streams for 2014 and (in preparation) 2015

self noise net (Camberwell, London)
RSPB (Hampstead Heath, London)
SARC (Belfast)
Rui Chaves (Belfast)
Africam (S Africa)
PALAOA (Weddell Sea, Antarctica)
Robin Renwick (Locus Sonus mobile - Salvador, Bahia)
Owen Chapman (Locus Sonus, Montreal)
Cornell Laboratory for Ornithology (Ithaca, New York)
Jessica Thomson, Marc Crain ( Little Italy, Toronto)
David Velez (Bogota, Colombia)
Patrick Perdue (Greensboro, N Carolina)
Aaron Rosenblum (ArtxFM - Louisville, Kentucky)
Mark Howell (Danville, Indiana)
Joel Goodwin (Live Nature Songs - Austin, Texas; Costa Rica)
August Black (gustonegro - Locus Sonus - Oakland, California)
Jupiter Foundation (Whale hydraphone - Puako, Hawaii)
Lido hydraphone observatory network (UPC, Barcelona - various sites)
Chris Mackerell (radiodx dot com - Wellington, New Zealand)
Backyard Galah Cam (Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia)
Yin Yi (audioripple - Shanghai, China)
Au Step (Hong Kong)
Looduskalender (nature cam network - Estonia - various sites)
Ali Phi (Tajrish Square, Tehran)
Jonny Farrow (Abu Dhabi)
Lesser Kestrel Cam (Elyakim - Hatikva (The Hope) elementary school, Israel)
Hendrik Schroeder (for Radio Aporee - Neukoelln, Berlin)
Wolfgang Buescher (VLF - Bielefeld, Germany)
Udo Noll (radio aporee mobile - Berlin; Belgian Quarter, Cologne, Germany)
Michalis Moschoutis (Athens, Greece)
Geraldine (palimpsete - Locus Sonus mobile - Alexandria)
MC Brane (CONA - Croatia)
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay (Copenhagen)
Elena (Locus Sonus - Bologna, Italy)
Peter Sinclair (Locus Sonus - Walberswick, Suffolk; le rove, Niolon, France)
Gregoire Lauvin (Locus Sonus - Aix en Provence; St Baume, France)
Yachar Valakdjie (Locus Sonus - Aix in Provence)
Leandro Pisano, Raffaele Mariconte (San Marco dei Cavoti, Italy)
Mark Dennison (VLF - Sheffield, UK)
Richard Fair (Norwich, UK)
Paul Nicholson (VLF - Todmorden, UK)
Frnacesca Panetta (Canterbury, Kent, UK)
Juan Carlos (Madrid)
Gregory Ovenden (London, UK)
Jerome Joy (Locus Sonus - Nantes, St Nazaire, France)
Dawn Scarfe (Bivvy Broadcasts - A forest somewhere in England)
Maria Papadomanolaki (soundCamp - Stave Hill Ecology Park, London)

Campers | Participants

Alex Albert
Simon Bayly
Lisa Baraitser
Paula Baraitser
Magz Hall
Jed Harris (coffee)
Jay Harris
Laura Plana Gracia (elektronische-art-and-music)
Peter Sinclair
Kirsten Foster
Charlie Fox (detours2London)
Kirsten Downer
Liz Roberts