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5AM London time (UTC+1) on Saturday 6 MAY to 6AM on Sunday 7 MAY 2023

The Reveil 10 broadcast completed a full loop of the earth over the Dawn Chorus Day weekend, despite facing serious technical issues.

We are sorry for the reduced number of live streams featured, and especially that we were unable to include the wide variety of streams prepared for the event from locations around the world, with the work and time that went into them.

We are thinking of ways to develop the work that has already gone into building and setting up streamboxes and finding streaming sites. In some cases, artists have already found ways to use the transmitters for other projects, as we hoped with the call. We would be very interested in your thoughts and suggestions towards Reveil in 2024 and any other possibilities to activate the streams meanwhile. The Locus Sonus server and soundmap remain as open resources, and your streamboxes should work wherever there is power and an internet connection.

We were very grateful for the support and understanding we received from streamers, broadcasters and the Acoustic Commons network in response to the difficulties we faced during the broadcast. We are working with our partners to learn from the technical problems and create a more stable basis for future iterations.

Thank you


In my practice, writes Raafat Majzoub, publication is the process of making something public, expanding the notion from the printed document to a process of actualization that can encompass a multitude of forms, methods and media. A building is a publication. A song. A garden. An economic system.  *

If Reveil is a publication, if the time of Reveil is imagined as time made public, does that help us think back over it, through it, around it, as Reveil turns 10?


Reveil (2014—) is a collective production by streamers at listening points around the earth. Starting on the morning of Saturday 6 May in South London near the Greenwich Meridian, the broadcast will pick up feeds one by one, tracking the sunrise west from microphone to microphone, following the wave of intensified sound that loops the earth every 24 hours at first light.

Streams come from a variety of locations, at a time of day when human sounds are relatively low, even in dense urban areas. This tends to open the sound field to a more diverse ecology than usual. The Reveil broadcast makes room by largely avoiding speech and music, gravitating to places where human and non human communities meet and soundworlds overlap.

Each stream brings something different to the loop.

REVEIL 10 goes back to its starting point, giving attention to live sounds of places as first light reaches them.


We warmly welcome returning and new live streams for this 10th edition. We especially welcome proposals for streams from less heard locations and projects, Pacific and Atlantic timezones, and the global South.

We can provide detailed help with streaming, using a phone, laptop or Raspberry Pi. By creating a stream page, you can provide context for listeners, and create a long-term record.

For more information, see Stream. To register your interest, propose a stream, or ask a question, please use this short form:



Follow the expanded radio event from 05:00 UTC+1 on Saturday 6 MAY to 06:00 on Sunday 7 MAY at REVEIL. The list of streams will get longer as streams are added. See the streams pages for details on each. For a full list of FM and net radios where you can listen to REVEIL > Listen.


The Reveil broadcast will be played out at Stave Hill Ecological Park in a portable auditorium by sound artist Michael Speers and architects Public Works.

Swapping, streaming, assembling a collectively produced long radio form, REVEIL is a chance to gather tools and recipes for ecological radio, and listen together to acoustic commons in the making.


REVEIL relays the sounds of live open microphones on the Locus Sonus soundmap, operated by the Acoustic Commons network, together with projects by the Cyberforest programme, BIOM Open Microphone network,, and elsewhere. It is made up of sounds freely provided by streamers, spanning formal research, long term art and activist works, domestic projects, and one-off transmissions.

Reveil 2023 will be produced in London by Soundcamp, again in collaboration with guest mixers Leah Barclay and Fernando Godoy (Radio Tsonami).

Broadcasting Partners: Wave Farm WGXC (Acra, NY), Resonance FM/Extra (UK).

Stream hosting: Locus Sonus (ESAAIX, Aix-en-Provence)

Participating radio stations > Broadcast

Partner organisations in the Acoustic Commons project: Full Of Noises (Cumbria UK) · Locus Sonus (Aix FR) · Radio CONA (Ljubljana SI) · HMU and TUC (Crete GR) · Cyberforest (Tokyo JP).

The Reveil project is anticipated and informed by transects recorded by Gordon Hempton and Bernie Krause in the 1980's and 1990's that re-presented and extended auditions of the dawn chorus across large areas, as well as variants that captured the progress of Spring moving up over North America. The idea of a round-the-world dawn chorus recording lasting 24 hours has appeared periodically on wildlife and nature recordist lists. Gordon Hempton and the ornithologist Don Kroodsma have both imagined such a trajectory as a kind of aural surfing. In 2010 in collaboration with Páll Thayer, Ragnar Helgi Ólafsson made the installation DayBreak, Forever, which used a script to create a sequence through the Locus Sonus streams in much the same way Reveil would do later.

*   Raafat Majzoub: THE PROPOSAL AS A PUBLICATION FORMAT in How to Manoeuvre: shapeshifting texts and other publishing tactics. Kayfa ta (ed). Warehouse421, Abu Dhabi 2020 p247.]