Streaming for Reveil 5 to 6 MAY 2018

Streaming Guide

REVEIL is an assemblage of live audio feeds provided by soundcamps, invited and independent streamers, open microphones on the Locus Sonus network, and live sound sources collected for this event.

We invite you to join the widening network of live open microphones by contributing a stream from your location at daybreak on Saturday 5 May (in the Western hemisphere) or Sunday 6 May (in the Eastern hemisphere).

Your stream will be included in the Reveil broadcast and archived at soundtent.org. It will appear as a listenable icon on the Locus Sonus soundmap.

You can stream with a laptop, a phone or a Raspberry Pi. See this straightforward Streaming Guide.

To walk through setting up a Raspberry Pi streambox, see these Pi Workshop Notes.

In some cases we can provide equipment. Ask us for details.

Don't hesitate to contact us for advice / support.


This project is all about lives sound, rather than recording. (To share field recordings, explore the soundmap at radio aporee.)

Choosing a site, you may want to bear in mind the link with IDCD; but birdsong does not have to be focus. Streams to date relayed sounds of wild boars, weather, VLF radiation, owls, self-noise, shrimps, cuckoos, air vents, hydrophones, radio intercepts, clocks, frogs. For more on soundcamps's broadly ecological concerns, see contexts.

Consider joining or setting up a dawn chorus event. IDCD for more information.

Once you're planning a stream, it doesn't take much to turn it into a soundcamp - which could be very small. For information, see the call for soundcamps.

To tune into the programme or to to relay it, please see broadcast.