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Streaming Guidelines  for  5 to 6 MAY 2018

REVEIL is an assemblage of live audio feeds provided by soundcamps, invited and independent streamers, open microphones on the Locus Sonus network, and live sound sources collected for this event.

We invite you to join the widening network of live open microphones by contributing a stream from your location at daybreak on Saturday 5 May (in the Western hemisphere) or Sunday 6 May (in the Eastern hemisphere).

To contribute a live stream, check the Streaming Guide

In some cases we can provide equipment. Ask us for details.

See the guidelines below and the Resources page for more information, including tools for the Raspberry Pi.


Contact us for advice.



The Streaming Guide (2017) gives advice on streaming with a laptop, phone or Raspberry Pi.

We ask for live streams, with no pre-recorded material. (To share field recordings, see the guidelines at radio aporee.)

We suggest you consider the link with IDCD and the theme of contact with non human materials. The focus is broadly ecological; not necessarily confined to birds. Sound sources to date have included wild boars, weather, VLF radiation, owls, self-noise, shrimps, cuckoos, air vents, hydrophones, radio intercepts, clocks, frogs..

Raspberry Pi Streambox

With a Raspberry Pi mini computer, you can stream in mono or stereo, over ethernet or WiFi or (with a phone) 3/4G. Setup is fast and easy using pre-prepared disk images from soundCamp or Locus Sonus. We can supply a pre-configured SD Card if you need one. The system is designed for long-term trouble-free operation. Your permanent or transient stream will appear on the Locus Sonus streammap and will be included in the REVEIL broadcast.

What to do

Look at the notes and tools on the Resources pages. Contact Grant with questions.

To appear on the soundmap, open an account at Locus Sonus.

Set up a page for your stream / project, which will be archived after the event.

Mobile Applications

You can use a phone to stream live from an outdoors or remote location, maybe as part of an IDCD dawn chorus walk. Options include:

Locuscast: free mobile apps for Android and iOS. Follow the link for download and instructions, or download the free iOS version from the app store. Your Locuscast stream will appear on the Locus Sonus soundmap.

Mixlr: a live streaming application for iOS, Android, or laptop. Sign up to download. Streaming is easy and free for up to 1 hour. Make a Showreel. Follow Reveil. Free trial available.

What to do

Download and test your app as above. Tell us about your location and your plans.

Set up a profile page, which will be archived after the event. Get started.

From a Laptop

You can use a laptop to stream to the Locus Sonus server. We recommend Broadcast Using This Tool (BUTT), which is very good, cross-platform and free or Nicecast, which is very good, Mac only and free up to a point.

What to do

Download and install streaming software. Open an account at Locus Sonus and match your stream settings your account details. Contact Grant with queries.

We will feature your stream in the broadcast and help with setting up a profile page, which will be archived after the event. Get started.

Stream live from an IDCD event

Consider joining or setting up a dawn chorus event. IDCD for more information.

Stream live from a SoundCamp

Consider joining or setting up a soundcamp. For more information, see Setting up a soundcamp (2017). And Camp.


REVEIL is broadcast by a group of FM and Netradio stations who relay the show in whole or in part from Wave Farm's host server.

The URL of the REVEIL stream is available for any broadcaster to take, whether for an extended re-broadcast or one or more dips into the streams.

We also invite broadcasters to contribute your own sounds of dawn by putting your microphone out the window at sunrise.

And we encourage you to tell your listeners about the event and invite them to take part by providing their own sound streams.

For details, please contact Maria Papadomanolaki