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Greensboro, N Carolina, USA

Patrick Perdue (Locus Sonus)

Long standing independent stream from outside the house in Greensboro

Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Aaron Rosenblum ARTxFM

'intermittent trains and industrial sounds..'

Surfside Beach, S Carolina

Scott Shoemaker at

Very Low Frequency (VLF) radio waves generated by terrestrial and atmospheric events

Dresbach, Minnessota

Great Spirit Bluff Falcon Cam

Peregrine falcons on the nest; industrial sounds. A Raptor Resource project

Austin, Texas, USA

Joel Goodwin (Live Nature Songs)

The stream is via LNS's Naturephone - a proprietary weatherproof hi quality audio streaming device which is part of an evolving live audio project to relay natural soundscapes.

Houston, Texas, USA

Athena screech owl cam

From inside an owl nest box.