Reveil is a crowd-sourced 24 hour radio broadcast of live daybreak sounds, broadcast in the first weekend of May each year on International Dawn Chorus Day.
Real-time audio feeds are sent in by streamers around the world using a variety of equipment from DIY streamboxes to phone to commercial equipment. The broadcast is put together in a temporary station at Stave Hill Ecological Park in London and sent to Wave Farm in the Upper Hudson Valley, New York. From there it is available for any FM or net radio to pick up. There are currently some 20 participating stations, including Resonance Extra, the UK broadcasting partner. Please see the Reveil page for details.
Reveil 2014
Reveil 2017 [Loop 4]
Reveil 2015 [streams - Maweni Farm, Lushoto, TZ]
Reveil 2019 [streams - Stromness, UK]