Thinking / teching the network - acoustic commoning

  Nested ecologies of subjects, organisations, environments (Guattari)  
  Communities of transmission (Jeff Kolar, Radius, Chicago)      
  Active listening (messing with equipment..)    
  Transmission ecologies (Anna Friz)    
  Block level broadcast (Kogawa)   
  'Citizen' sensing - Jennifer Gabrys    
  Locality and planetarity - Gayatri Spivak    
 Intangible nature cultures / ephemeral elements of heritage
  Unresolved territory - neither private nor public      (Stavros Stavrides)
  Contested/ negotiated spaces and resources in common (commoning)       ("")
  Areas outside mainstream development narratives (Third soundscape - Gilles Clément, Leandro Pisano)    
  Soundworlds as threshold spaces (Stavrides) that offer / provoke entanglement / open interactions / encounters    
  Active engagement with transmission ecologies (Anna Friz, Tetsuo Kogawa) - extending auditoria (Jérôme Joy)    
  Becoming planetary (Gayatri Spivak)    
  Citizen art scientist - the idiot in the smart city (Jennifer Gabrys)    
  Becoming radio (Sophie Dyer)    
  People with antennae..! (Het Nieuwe Instituut)    
  XR and aircraft actions and advocacy      
  Fugitive study (Fred Moten)    
  Acoustic Commons (Creative Europe Small Coop Project over 3 years to 2022)..