Biosphere Open Microphones (BIOM)

BIOM is a diverse open microphone network, a public resource, and a creative response to the variety of planetary soundscapes and ways of encountering them.


  Set up a network of live streams from UNESCO Biosphere reserves (BRs)    
  A resource for artists, researchers, activists    
  Link to the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere programme    
  Build on the existing pool of live streams: varied, across disciplines, large and small    
  Locally led    
  Record some of the streams.    

Working Group

 Biosphere Soundscapes (Brisbane)    
  Locus Sonus (Aix-Marseille)    
 Cyberforest (University of Tokyo)    
 Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve (Stanford University, Santa Cruz, CA)    
  SoundCamp (London)    

With the support of

 World Network of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves    
  UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Program (MAB)    
  Sound + Environment Research Group (Hull Univ)    
  Ecoacoustics 2018 Congress & WFAE 2018 Conference (Brisbane)    
  Griffith University (Sonic Environments Lab)    
  QUT - Ecosounds Lab (Support for Australian microphone network)    
  Streaming Museum (NY)