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Technical hub: Stave Hill Ecological Park, Rotherhithe, London SE16 6AX

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Saturday 1 May 2021

All times set to London UTC+1. For other locations, check the time zone converter.

05.00 Reveil broadcast starts on Resonance Extra, Wave Farm and participating stations
05.00 Gravity Light — Michael Speers, Public Works, as part of PITCH 2 — off-grid listening structure for acoustic commoning
05.00 Calum F Kerr, Miyuki Kasahara (Inspiral SE2), Jack Gower (Peabody, Making Space for Nature): live stream from the soundcamp at Tump53 munitions store, Thamesmead, London
05.30 Laonikos Psimikakis—Chalkokondylis: Shakuhachi x River Lea. Live electronics and shakuhachi, Leyton / Hackney Marshes, London
06.00 Ky Lewis — Instantograph and DIY analogue from a S London garden throughout the day: @kylewis1
07.00 Female Laptop Orchestra (FLO): Zadar Telematic Session #2 For Cello, Piano and the Sea Organ 07:15
08.00 FLO (Nela Brown, Magdalena Chudy & Maria Mannone): Workshop and Performance — Collaborative music— making with globally distributed musicians 09:00
08.15 Boštjan Perovšek: Sounds from Ancient Place (Zvoki s starodavnega kraja — CONA live in situ commission, Ljubljana) — off-grid performance; duration subject to power 10:15
10.00 Reveil reaches East coast of the Americas — Fernando Godoy (Tsonami) mixing from Valparaíso, Chile
11.00 Kathryn Marshall: If seeing believing.. then what is hearing? — Sonic performance from the Locus Sonus soundcamp at Forcalquier, France 12.00
11.12 Reveil reaches Wave Farm, Acra, NY — streams including Pond Station by Zach Poff
11.45 Reveil reaches Quito, Ecuador — live stream by Paola Moscoso and Josep Navarro 12:15
12.00 Voices That Shake! (Promi Ferdousi, Annick Météfia) 13:00
12.00 FON Soundcamp, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria 18:00
12.15 Jaka Berger: In_Dependences (CONA live in situ commission, Ljubljana) 12:45
12.30 [Voces del bosque had sadly been cancelled / postponed due to public health restrictions in Ecuador]
Voces del Bosque: Symphonic Forest — Interspecific music of the Chocó Andino Region — live outdoor performance from Yungilla, Distrito Metropolitano de Quito, Ecuador. With Gustavo Chiriboga and Paola Moscoso
13.00 Shortwave Collective: Fencetenna. DIY 'foxhole radios' by international femininist artists group (Alyssa Moxley, Brigitte Hart, Franchesca Casauay, Georgia Muenster, Hannah Kemp-Welch, Lisa Hall, Sally Applin, Sasha Engelmann) — performance in progress 13:30
13.00 Building bat boxes: TCV Conservation group with Rebeka Clark, Stave Hill Ecological Park — r.clark@tcv.org.uk to book 16.00
13.45 Ida Hiršenfelder aka beeblip: Remembering a Tree (20'00'') (Spomin na drevo — CONA live in situ commission, Ljubljana) 14:15
14.00 Reveil arrives at the Pacific Ocean
14.00 Public Works (Tom Dobson, Hester Buck, Cameron Bray) with Michael Speers: PITCH 2 — Prototyping off-grid listening structures — Stave Hill Ecological Park 18:00
14.00 Blanc Sceol (Stephen Shiell, Hannah White): River-Land Listening — walking the inter-tidal zone around Channelsea Island (2—2.45pm) followed by a discussion (3—3.30) 16.00
14.30 Ludovic Landolt: Sounding horizon, and beyond — Live stream / performance from the ringing chamber of the Citadel of Forcalquier, site of the last carillon in Provence (Locus Sonus soundcamp / residency) 15:30
15.00 Leandro Pisano: Listening to Deep Rurality — experiences from Liminaria / Interferenze — conversation around a live stream. With Angus Carlyle, Alyssa Moxley, David Vélez 16:00
15.30 George Rahi: Aviary dawn (Locus Sonus soundcamp / residency 2021) 16:00
16.00 Katerina Tzedaki: Soundwalk by the sea, Adelianos kampos, Rethymnon, Crete 16:45
16.45 Ella Finer, Flora Pitrolo: WIND STUDY — Performance / conversation, with the Acoustic Commons Study Group — London, Palermo 17:30
17.30 Livestream Band: Four ArtScience/Sonology artists will perform together using live audio streams — The Hague NL 19:00
18.45 Manja Ristić: Water (20'00'') (CONA live in situ commission, Croatia) 19:15
19.15 Inspiral London: Hydracity — walks / conversations along waterways and wetlands on the Locus Sonus soundmap — London, Marseille 21.00
19.33 Kate Donovan: Navigating Twilight Radio. Radiophonic performance / transmission, Berlin. 22.12
19.40 Reveil reaches Japan — streams by Cyberforest at the University of Tokyo
20.08 Cyberforest, University of Tokyo: Live audio census of birds in the UoT Forests, with orthithologists Reiko Kurosawa and Mutsuyuki Ueta (NPO Bird Research) — Site 1: Furano 20:35
20.37 Cyberforest: remote census continued. Site 2 — Yamanakako (Foot of Mt Fuji) 21.47
20.30 Bat walk (Self directed bat walk, Stave Hill and Russia Dock Woodland. Info and to book: r dot clark@tcv.org.uk 21.40
20.48 Rural Development ext: Session 1 (Tokyo sunrise) 21:48
21.00 Reveil reaches Queensland: subtropical forest canopy at Mary Cairncross. Leah Barclay (Biosphere Soundscapes) mixing Reveil from Sunshine Coast, QLD
21.00 Jiyeon Kim: A sound-poem-walk 22:00
21.30 ATOM (Alisa Oleva, Timothy Maxymenko, London) with Andrey Kiritchenko (Nexsound, Kyiv): Far Away Dance, Hackney Marshes
21.50 Colin Black: Morning is Broken (CONA live in situ commission, Ljubljana) 22:20
22:00 Carole Wright (Blak Outside): Brixton Women Night Walking 00:00

Sunday 2 May 2021

All times UTC+1. For other locations, please check time zone converter.

00.30 Reveil reaches Chittaranjan Colony, Kolkata: stream by Sukanta Majumdar (The Travelling Archive)
01.30 Mike Bullock, Erin Ruggiano: Massachusetts Bat Stream. Short discussion followed by live stream from a heterodyne detector. Commentary in the IRC chat. 02:30
03:00 Reveil reaches Korcula, Croatia: stream by Manja Ristić (CONA live in situ commission)
04:00 Acoustic Mirror: Dawn:Live — improvisation in Pure Data with daybreak audio captures 04:30
04:30 Dawn Chorus walk in Stave Hill and Russia Dock woodland, Rotherhithe — stream by Clare Street, bird ID John Cadera, Richard Page—Jones 05:30
04:31 Civil twilight at Sankt Georgen im Schwarzwald. Live stream from the Vogelklang soundcamp by Global Forest (Olsen Wolf, Norbert Schnell, Daniel Leguy-Madzar) 05:30
04.32 Rural Development ext: Session 2 (Central European Sunrises: Berlin, Hranice) 05:32
04:43 Yukari, Luc Müller, Raphael Raccuia: Concert in the Forest, Vaud, Switzerland (Locus Sonus soundcamp / residency) 05:15
04:45 Reveil reaches Forcalquier, France — streams from the Locus Sonus soundcamp  
05:00 Angus Carlyle, Simon James: Shoreham Hotpipe — stream with geophones, hydrophones and air microphones from a shingle beach by a discharge pipe 05:15
05:00 Esther Salmona: QueerVoice (Locus Sonus soundcamp programme) 05:30
05:00 Coda: streams and soundcamps around the 0° meridian: FON, Cumbria; SC, London 06:00
05:00 Blanc Sceol (Stephen Shiell, Hannah White): Listening with skylarks, Wanstead Flats, London 05.30
05.56 Rural Development ext: Session 3 (Bretagne sunrise)
Reveil concludes 06.00

Poster — Reveil 8. Out-side. Off-grid. Sam Baraitser Smith