A reader: sounds remote is available from Uniformbooks

Sounds Remote is an inventory and reader of the sounds, sites and streams assembled for the Reveil radio broadcast on 2 to 3 May 2015. In its second iteration, Reveil again made a complete transect of the earth lasting one earth day, travelling west from Stave Hill Ecological Park in Rotherhithe on a sequence of live audio streams.

The publication takes its z-shaped double binding from the hand-sewn singinging printed by Colin Sackett in 1995 to notate sound rising and falling over downland.

2 x 28pp, 220 x 150mm. Essays by Angus Carlyle, Anna Friz, Udo Noll, Zach Poff, Rob St John, and Paul Tourle. Designed and produced by Uniformbooks and SoundCamp, 2016.

Sounds nothing like the sea
is a reflection on Reveil's crossing of the Pacific Ocean on live audio streams. The digital version here includes the full text, code by Max Baraitser Smith and live sounds depending on availability.
A paper version with images by Ky Lewis is available as part of On Sea/At Sea Performance Research Vol 21 No 2 April 2016.

30 Years of Urban Ecology at Stave Hill in Docklands
is an ongoing research and engagement project at Stave Hill Ecological Park on the Rotherhithe peninsula. It marks the 30th anniversary of the Park's creation on bare dockland infill in 1986, and roughly the 40th of its precursor, the William Curtis Ecology Park, set up in 1977 by Tower Bridge as perhaps the world's first urban ecology park. Workshops and walks exploring the site over the seasons will be documented in a series of booklets, field and oral history recordings, and an evolving collection of materials at archive.org.

'Celebrating London's first ecology parks'
The trajectory from William Curtis to Stave Hill is described here by the eminent ecologist, David Goode, who joined us for a walk from the former site to the current one in November 2016.