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CAMPING  |   VISITING       Saturday 4th - Sunday 5th MAY 2019

There will be soundcamps in many locations over the weekend of International Dawn Chorus Day in May this year.

See the call for soundcamps.

Soundcamps vary from small forays into remote locations to events with a full programme of workshops, walks, performances, presentations.

See a list of soundcamps in 2018 for reference.

Follow the links for contacts, programmes and booking details as they are confirmed.


Stave Hill Ecological Park, Rotherhithe, London, UK
with TCV at SHEP
With commissions by Platform, Jessie Brennan, SC
Grant Smith    contact at soundtent.org

Dartington, Devon, UK
Soundart Radio
Lucinda Guy    info at soundartradio.org.uk

Penryn, Cornwall, UK
End of The World Garden
Spring notes..
Bram Thomas Arnold with Paul Chaney and Trail Mix
End of The World Garden soundcamp: Details and tickets
Contact: bramthomasarnold at gmail.com

Couvent Levat, Marseille Nord, France
Locus Sonus | Grégoire Lauvin
To book: reservation@deletere.org
l'atelier juxtapoz
Grégoire Lauvin    greglauvin at gregoirelauvin.net

Wellington, New Zealand
Simon Gray
Contact: Simon Gray   sgrayartist at gmail.com

Milpe Bird Sanctuary, Chocó, Ecuador
Paola Moscoso, with Alice Eldridge, Josep Navarro
In association with cloudforest.org
Contact: Paola Moscoso    paola.moscoso.rosero at gmail.com

Stanmer Park, near Brighton
Julian Weaver
Julian Weaver    julian at finetuned.org

Ljubljana, Slovenija
CONA with Steklenik
Steklenik, Tivoli Greenhouse, Botanical Gardens, Ljubljana
Brane Zorman    cona at cona.si

Eudlo Creek, Queensland, Australia
Leah Barclay, Biosphere Soundscapes
Eudlo Creek National Park
Details to be announced
Leah Barclay    leahbarclay at me.com

Calvanico, Salerno, Italy
Luca Buoninfante, Beatrice Ferrara, Raffaele Mariconte, Leandro Pisano
Contact: raffaelemariconte at gmail.com

Lykavittos, Athens, Greece
Alyssa Moxley
Please contact:
ajmoxley at googlemail.com

Gülper See, Germany
Joost Van Duppen, Laura Weber
Details and to join
joost at vduppen@gmail.com

Black Forest, Germany
Oliver 'Olsen' Wolf | hasa-labs
Details to come
Global Forest
Olsen   sesselastronaut at hasa-labs.org

Patterdale, Cumbria, UK
R.L. Wilson in association with Full of Noises and with YHA Patterdale
For more information please contact:
twoinsix at gmail dot com

Thompson Park, Everglades, Miami, Florida, USA
Water Radio soundcamp
Fereshteh Toosi (Nature Connection Arts Lab)
Details and to book
Contact: natureconnectionarts-at-gmail.com

North Jordan Valley, Palestine
Meira Asher with Soundart 106
For details please contact:
radioart106 at gmail.com

Santiago, Chile
Cristián Pinto
For details please contact:
cristian.pinto at ymail.comat

São Gregório, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal
Osso Colectivo
For more information please contact:
ossocultural at gmail.com

Chicago, Illinois
The Radius
For more information please contact:
Jeff Kolar
info at theradius.us

Kaleider, Exeter, UK
2.Times Do soundcamp audio streaming workshop
Kaleider studios
Details / bookings
For more information please contact:
hello at 2timesdo.co.uk

EXTRA 2019

Grizedale Forest, Cumbria, UK - POSTPONED
Octopus Collective with
Glenn Boulter    glenn at octopuscollective.org

Acra, Upper Hudson Valley, New York, USA
Wave Farm WGXC 90.7-FM
Galen Joseph-Hunter    galen at wavefarm.org

Warbler's Roost, South River, Ontario, Canada
Darren Copeland    naisa at naisa.ca

Norfolk, UK
Recast Music Education
Martin Scaiff   martin at recastmusiceducation.com

No soundcamps near you?
Find out how to set one up.

Don't hesitate to ask > grant at soundtent.org