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SC6 Program London 4-5 May 2019

Stave Hill Ecological Park, Rotherhithe, London SE16 6AX

Vision, a new work by Jessie Brennan, will be on the top of Stave Hill from 26 April. Sounds Interrupted, a new sound installation by Jessie Brennan and SC is at London Bridge Station, in the ticket hall at the junction of St Thomas St and Bermondsey St from 25 April - 10 May.
The iconic Platform tent will make a return to the Ecology Park after 30 years. It will be pitched over the Soundcamp weekend as 'The Tent that Can Hear', for screenings, exhibition, and discussion.
Reveil 6 will make a live sound loop of the earth at daybreak starting at 5AM Saturday morning and ending at 6AM on Sunday. Listen in the soundtent, the Shed or at Resonance Extra and participating stations.

Program details subject to change - please check back or follow for updates

Saturday 4 May 2019

Start   Finish
05.00 Reveil broadcast starts on Resonance Extra
10.00 Reveil reaches East coast of the Americas
11.00 Inspiral walk - Charlie Fox (Inspiral London) - from Sounds Interrupted (London Bridge) to the soundcamp via the site of the former William Curtis Ecological Park and Vision (Jessie Brennan) on Stave Hill 12.30
11.12 Reveil reaches Radius soundcamp, Chicago Illinois - Jeff Kolar
11.32 Reveil reaches Milpe Bird Sanctuary, Chocó Biosphere Reserve, Ecuador - Paola Moscoso
12.00 Soundcamp starts
12.00 Sound Camp: some exercises - Hannah Kemp-Welch - ideas for listening + broadcasting - available on arrival and through the weekend
12.00 Site walk - Rebeka Clark 13.00
12.00 Lunch
12.00 Pinhole photography workshop - Ky Lewis 15.00
13.00 Remote performance: keyboard improvisation between Georo village, Jeju, Korea and Stave Hill, Rotherhithe, London - Jiyeon Kim and Sam Baraitser Smith 13.30
14.00 Screening from Greenland Dock 1989, and 30 years on discussion in the Platform tent - Platform artists, with Hajra Gulamrassul, Will Essilfie, Herbert Girardet; and John Jordan remotely from La ZAD, Brittany 16.00
14.00 Coffee 16.00
16.30 Deep listening workshop - Blanc Sceol (Stephen Shiell, Hannah White) 18.30
17.00 Jessie Brennan in conversation 17.30
18.00 Dinner 19.00
18.00 Remote performance from the rooftop of Eλα Projects, Petralona, Athens - Alyssa Moxley (electronics) with Christos Bourantas (electronics), Thodoris Pistiolas (cello), Giorgos Gargalas (flute) 18.30
18.30 Speculations on the political ecology of urban bat surveys - Talk | demonstration - Cliff Hammett 19.00
19.10 Single-Material Performance - Joshua Legallienne 19.40
19.40 Reveil reaches Japan - streams by Cyberforest; and Vanuatu - stream by Sandy Sur
20.08 Join Cyberforest remote audio census at daybreak in Maeyama, Hokkaido; and Fuji Iyashinomori, Yamanakako with ornithologists Reiko Kurosawa (NPO Bird Research), Mutsuyuki Ueta (BR), and Kaoru Saito (Cyberforest) 20.44
20.45 Bat walk - Iain Boulton - meet at the Shed 21.40
21.00 Remote performance from the soundcamp at Eudlo Creek, Queensland - Leah Barclay, Lyndon Davis, Brent Miller 21.30
21.00 Reveil reaches Queensland: freshwater dawn chorus from Eudlo Creek; subtropical forest canopy at Mary Cairncross -Biosphere Soundscapes

Sunday 5 May 2019

00.30 Reveil reaches Kolkata: stream by Sukanta Majumdar (The Travelling Archive)
03:00 Reveil reaches Slovenia: stream from soundcamp at Lake Cerknica - CONA
03:20 Reveil reaches Beirut: stream by Budhaditya Chattopadhyay
03:20 Reveil reaches Germany: streams from the Black Forest - Olsen Wolf, Norbert Schnell; and the Gülpersee - Joost van Duppen, Laura Weber
04:30 Dawn Chorus walk from the Shed - John Cadera, Richard Page-Jones - meet at 04.15 05:30
04:55 Reveil reaches the soundcamp at Couvent Levat, Marseille Nord - Locus Sonus  
05:00 Reveil coda: streams from soundcamps at End of The World Garden, Cornwall - Bram Thomas Arnold, Trail Mix; and Ravenglass, Cumbria - R.L. Wilson 06:00
Reveil concludes 06.00
06:00 Breakfast - Old Post Office Bakery, Mood Cafe Van
06.50 Tide Sense - Signe Lidén - Low tide at Ramberg, Flakstad, Nordland - sound installation in the blue hut. (High tide will be at 13.00) 13.00
07:00 Qigong & listening meditation - Blanc Sceol
08:00 Morning bird walk - John Cadera, Richard Page-Jones 09:00
09:00 Talk: Do birds hear as we do? - Dan Stowell (QMUL) 09:30
09:30 Talk: Listening to internet infrastructure - Matt Parker 10:00
10:00 Streaming workshop - DIY tech for sharing sounds in real time - SC 10:40
11:00 Air Pressure: film screening - Angus Carlyle, Rupert Cox 2016
Tide Sense - Signe Lidén - High tide at Ramberg, Flakstad, Nordland - sound installation in the blue hut - concludes. 13.00
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Acoustic Commons: Round table discussion - Ella Finer with members of the Acoustic Commons Study Group (Emma Bennett, Amy Cutler, Helen Frosi, Laura Cannell, Dan Hall) and guests, will lead an open discussion in the Shed 15:00
Soundcamp finishes 16:00

Image: The tent at Wandsworth, from 'Tree of Life, City of Life', Platform, 1989. Photo: Jens Storch