SoundCamp: interested in DIY and affordable audio equipment
  Increasing participation in the live audio field
  Reveil 24hr crowd sourced daybreak broadcast

  We workshop this equipment in a range of settings: higher education, community, arts, festivals..

  We work with the mobile app Locuscast..
  which sends a live stream and an accurate GPS reference to the Locus Sonus soundmap

  Develop and collaborate on technical solutions for different situations..
  including where the priority it a device that is robust, reliable and easy to use
  The latest streamboxes are simple and resilient..
  with an intuitive web interface

  The Raspberry Pi sits in a dribox and uses the lip on the lid as a weathering detail
  A pair of Primo EM-172s are inset in the wall with grommets or the cable is simply taken out via a waterproof outlet under the roof
  They run on USB power with a 5V mains adaptor..
  or power over ethernet allows cheap and safe cable runs over 100m +

  It can run indefinitely in mixed weather off a solar panel with a large deep cycle battery
  This version was developed for the North Devon Biosphere Reserve and Balance Unbalance
  It includes a 4G router which distributes a WiFi network for workshops

  These are all pretty large because of the battery
  A small version runs off a lithium battery using a 4G dongle to connect to a mobile network

  These all give good stereo images based on a roughly binaural configuration
  Another good way to do this, which Biosphere Soundscapes have developed, is to use a Zoom portable recorder as a USB soundcard with the Pi
  Current projects include improved preamplification; a new streambox with new hardware and software but the same basic approach, for later in 2018; a range of options for users from fully DIY to fully pre-assembled