Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve
Cerro Pelón, State of Mexico
A collaboration between Rob Mackay (University of Hull), Pablo Jaramillo (Universidad Autónoma de México), the Forestry Service, Arborists' training program, Morelia, David Blink (College of the Sisquiyous, USA)    
  In early 2017 the team installed a live solar powered stream in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in the mountains above Morelia, the butterflies' main Winter roosting place.  
  We were commissioned to help with the streaming. We designed and built a prototype streambox with new preamps; and support the project remotely.
  The stream has attracted wide interest among the network of Monarch researchers and advocates, as a tool for public engagement, live music composition, and expanding appreciation of this habitat's value and fragility.
  It is a pilot for an extended project to link key points in the butterflies' migration routes from Mexico North to Canada, drawing attention to the need for collaborations across disciplines and borders to conserve a charismatic indicator species.
  Photo of streambox in situ by Rob Mackay