The Tent That Can Hear

Sounds Interrupted

Jessie Brennan


Jessie Brennan
Stave Hill Ecological Park
The Rotherhithe Shed
London Biodiversity Action Team South
Chris Errington
Graham Ross
Michael Paraskevas
Mohamed Basma
Richard Jedrzejczak
Tony Atkins
Tony O'Dea
Tony Watkins

Stave Hill Ecological Park is a little over 30 years old. The site has recently been granted urban nature reserve status, after a precarious history when its future as a public green space has been uncertain.

Vision advertises the fact that the ecology park's mixed woodland, which gives the impression of a natural feature, was designed and planted as an experiment in ecological landscaping, on rubble infill into former wet docks. It points to a history of locally based urban ecology and activism to safeguard public land, mobilized by an ongoing history of urban development. What lessons can others learn for their own community-led urban green spaces, from the Ecological Park's successes in 'staying put'?

Image: Test print at Stave Hill, April 2019
Photo: Jessie Brennan

Supported by Arts Council England, University of Gloucestershire, Southwark Neighbourhoods Fund, North Southwark Environment Trust, TCV and individual contributors