The Tent That Can Hear

Sounds Interrupted



Reveil is a 24 hour broadcast of live sounds of daybreak.

Starting near the Greenwich Meridian at 5AM, Reveil travels West following the grey line just ahead of sunrise, when birds and other organisms generate a continuously changing wave of sound.

Live audio feeds are supplied by streamers around the world using devices from phones, laptops and Raspberry Pi's to commercial broadcasting equipment. Domestic scale projects join formal research networks to realize a collective composition of environmental sounds lasting one earth day.

Reveil links a series of micro festivals (soundcamps) on International Dawn Chorus Day.

Produced at Stave Hill Ecological Park (TCV) in London by Soundcamp
Real-time soundmap by Locus Sonus (ESA-Aix, PRISM, AMU)
Primary feed carried by Wave Farm, Acra, New York (US Broadcast partner)
UK broadcast partner: Resonance Extra
Relayed by participating FM and netradio stations
IDCD (1989-) is a project by the Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country

With thanks to all the streamers, projects and stations who make up the broadcast.

Image: Temporary broadcast studio, the Shed, Stave Hill Ecological Park, Rotherhithe, 2 April 2015
Photo: Ky Lewis

Supported by Arts Council England, Southwark Neighbourhoods Fund, North Southwark Environment Trust, TCV and individual contributors