Soundcamp is 5.

Over the weekend of International Dawn Chorus Day on 5-6 May, soundcamps and streamers around the world will open microphones for the Reveil broadcast, sharing the sounds of places we hadn't heard of or heard in this way before.

There's a lot going on over the two days. You can camp out, visit, take part in walks, talks, workshops and performances that mark and celebrate the dawn chorus as it loops the earth. You can participate directly in the 5th live audit of daybreak sounds by contributing a stream to the Reveil broadcast. You can set up a soundcamp, or listen at Wave Farm or Resonance Extra throughout the whole 24 hour broadcast, and at other particating stations for parts of it.

For details of activities including bookings at each location, please see the links at Camp | Visit.


London Programme

Follow us @soundtent and use #Reveil2018 to stay in touch with what's going on.


This year, SoundCamp would like to thank the following for their support since early in the project: Wave Farm in Acra, New York, who have hosted the main link for 5 years, Resonance FM and Resonance Extra in London, who carried the show and provided equipment since the beginning. Stave Hill Ecological Park, who have again welcomed soundcamp from the outset, and whose place based work over more than 30 years has anchored and inspired the project. We are grateful for the founding concept of International Dawn Chorus Day at the Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country, whose local / global idea persisting at low volume since the 1980s continues to provide an occasion and a key point of reference.

We'd also like to acknowledge the contributions of partners who've set up soundcamps to add to the density and variety over the Reveil weekend, many of them again for more than one event. People and organisations listed on the Partners pages have brought distinctive energies and lines of inquiry, overcoming stretched communications and bare bones logistics.

We are grateful to the following for their support, in many cases since early in the project. Thank you to the North Southwark Environment Trust, CRiSAP at LCC/UAL, USTSC, SHED, TCV.

In addition soundCamp has relied on the contributions of private supporters. Please consider making a donation to help provide a lightweight framework for these activities.

Soundcamp Reveil has benefitted from the generosity and creativity of many people - artists around the world at the listening / streaming points and soundcamps, as well as volunteers who have taken on a whole range of tasks and responsibilities to make the event possible.

Thank you.

Image: solar soundcamp, Stave Hill Ecological Park, 2-3 May 2015, solargraph, Ky Lewis