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Hearing the space—what is distant and what is local, clearly and simultaneously: hearing over time—approach and disappearance of what is sounding in the environment: vibration in air heard minutes before the actual sound of the train is heard; changes in air vibration as different phenomena approach the site: birds sensing these changes in air—their anticipation, announcement of arrivals and disappearances, before the sound of the change is heard at the site. Hearing the synchronicity. Live. As it is. Patterns within air.  *

Throughout the Reveil broadcast, join other writers in conversation between streams via the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) at:

From 15:00–17:00 UTC+1, the Acoustic Commons Study Group (Ella Finer, Flora Pitrolo, John Bingham-Hall, Lawrence Bradby, Tushar Hathiramani, Bianca Stoppani, Luisa Ulyett, James Wilkes, Lis Huang, Sheila Chukwulozie) will take place across locations and in the:
) Listening room (


Esther Salmona
Angus Carlyle
Jonathan Skinner
Sasha Baraitser Smith
Ella Finer
Lawrence Bradby
Emma McCormick-Goodhart
Rhys Trimble
Amy Cutler
Martin Kohout
OR poiesis (a.k.a Petra Kapš)
George Ridgway
Jacob Bertilsson
Bram Thomas Arnold
Maija Gale

*   Maryanne Amacher: HEARING THE SPACE, DAY BY DAY, 'LIVE'. Press release for an installation at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, 28 September – 3 November 1974. In Maryanne Amacher – Selected Writings and Interviews, Amy Cimini and Bill Dietz (eds). Blank Forms Editions, Brooklyn, NY 2020 p117.