ATOM & Andriy Kyrychenko

Down to Earth

Lie down on your side. Put your ear to the ground. What can you hear? What are the sounds near and far? What is beyond hearing? What do you hear just before you start dreaming?


Sunday 7 May 2023 15:00 UTC+1
Southwark Park, London

To take part, please register in advance:

ATOM (Alisa Oleva and Timothy Maxymenko) and Andriy Kyrychenko invite you to a collective listening experience as part of Soundcamp ten(t). This is an invitation to come to Southwark Park at the set time, find a spot in the field, put your headphones in and lay down on your right side, putting your ear to the ground.

You will hear a live set by Andriy, zooming you in and out of the sounds of the environment around you, taking your ears on a journey through the minute details of the world around you, gradually inviting you deeper and deeper from the sounds of your own heartbeat to the vibrations of pipes and tubes under the ground beneath you.

If you are not in London, you are welcome to find a place in your nearby park, wood or any other environment. Follow the same instructions and join the collective listening at a distance.

Prepare to spend some time lying still on the ground - so bring warm clothes or anything else you need. The listening session will be about 35 min. It is fine if you drift in and out of sleep.

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The Down to Earth radio stream is presented in partnership with Wave Farm in New York's Upper Hudson Valley, USA.

Together with 20ft Radio, Kyiv, Ukraine.