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On-site: Stave Hill Ecological Park, London SE16 6AX

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Saturday 6 May 2023

All times at London UTC+1. For a schedule of live streams in your local time, please see streams.

05.00 REVEIL broadcast from the SHED, Stave Hill, London, starts on Resonance Extra, Wave Farm and participating stations. Mix by the Soundcamp cooperative. @ the SHED.
10.00 Soundcamp 10 opens @ Stave Hill Ecological Park.
12.00 PITCH. Portable auditorium by public works and Michael Speers. Listen, hangout in the top circle meadow through the festival. @ PITCH.
10.00 Building insect habitats. Rebeka Clark, TCV. @ the Compound. 12:00
10.00 REVEIL: Fernando Godoy (Radio Tsonami, Chile) takes over the mix through American timezones (mixed live from Valparaíso). @ PITCH. Internet Relay Chat @ the SHED. 12:00
11.00 Informal introduction to Soundcamp and the Reveil broadcast by Dawn Scarfe and Mort Drew. All welcome. Meet @ the Compound. 12:00
11.00 Field recording workshop with Ecka Mordecai and Rory Salter. Meet @ the Compound. 13:00
12.00 REVEIL mix back in the open radio studio at the SHED, Stave Hill Ecological Park, London. Follow the broadcast and join other writers in the Internet Relay Chat (IRC). @ SHED. @ PITCH.
12.00 LUNCH by XING (Kai Wu, Joe Guest). Char Kuey Teow (fresh noodles fried over charcoal). @ the Compound. 14:00
12.30 FM Radio: Performance from Sierra Alisos, Andean Montane Forest, Ecuador. Played out in the Stave Hill compound. Voces del Bosque, Paola Moscoso. Details. @ the Compound. 13:30
13.00 DIY photography workshop – solargraphs and pinholes – with Ky Lewis (Experiments in Analogue). @ the Compound. 15:00
14.00 Site walk with Stave Hill manager, Rebeka Clark. Meet @ the Compound. 15:00
15.00 Streambox workshop. Build a low cost field transmitter for ecological radio. Soundcamp. Workshop notes. Meet @ the Compound. 17:00
15.00 Acoustic Commons Study Group (Ella Finer, Flora Pitrolo, John Bingham-Hall, Lawrence Bradby, Tushar Hathiramani, Bianca Stoppani, Luisa Ulyett, James Wilkes, Lis Huang, Sheila Chukwulozie). A discussion across locations and between streams of the Acoustic Commons network. Live performance in the SHED and online at ) Listening room (. Mixed by Ella Finer and Mort Drew. @ the SHED. 17.00
17.00 Open Wave-Receivers workshop (I) with Shortwave Collective (Hannah Kemp-Welch, Maria Papadomanolaki, Georgia Muenster, Brigitte Hart). @ the Compound. 18:00
17.00 FM Radio: 555 Bugs. Remote performance by Maria Komarova. @ the Compound. 18:00
18.00 Sonic Meditations with the Full Moon. Blanc Sceol (Stephen Shiell, Hannah White) bring their regular full moon sonic meditation practice to Stave Hill. Details and to book. @ the Pond. 19.00
18.00 Evening meal. Rendang 'curry' with rice and herb salad by XING. @ the Compound. 20.00
19.00 FM Radio: Live sounds from the Port of Haifa (Palestine48 Israel) by Meira Asher (radioart106) with Mezo gallery (Talpiot Market, Haifa), curated by Ithaca Soundart (Lior Eytan, Gal Amoyal, Yoav Levy), in partnership with Rikavon Radio. Details and to listen over 24 hours. @ the Compound. 20.00
19.30 Open Wave-Receivers workshop (II) with Shortwave Collective. Catching radio waves at dusk. @ Stave Hill Mound. Meet @ the Compound. 20.30
20.00 REVEIL: Leah Barclay (Biosphere Soundscapes) takes over the mix through Australasian and Asian timezones (mixed live from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland). @ PITCH. 23:00
20.30 Bat walk with Iain Boulton (London Bat Group). Using ultra-sonic detectors to listen for bats echo-locating in the Stave Hill / Russia Dock woodland. Meet @ the Compound. 21:30
21.00 Live audio census of birds in beech woodland at The University of Tokyo Chichibu Forest (Saitama), part of the Kobushi Biosphere Reserve. The census will use the tetto open microphone, which has been relaying and logging live sounds since 1998. Webinar with Cyberforest and orthithologists Reiko Kurosawa and Mutsuyuki Ueta (NPO Bird Research). @ the SHED. Join the webinar. 21:30
22.00 Night listening in the PITCH sound system. @ PITCH.

Sunday 7 May 2023

All times at London UTC+1. For a schedule of live streams in your local time, please see streams.

00.00 REVEIL makes its way across Asian, European and East African timezones. Mixed live in the SHED, Stave Hill by the Soundcamp cooperative. @ the SHED. 05.00
04.30 Dawn Chorus walk in Stave Hill and Russia Dock woodland, Rotherhithe. Led by local naturalist John Cadera and Graeme Wright. Meet @ the SHED for 04:30. 06.00
05.00 REVEIL: Coda. Streams and soundcamps around the 0° meridian, including live sounds from less heard UK locations, developed in workshops with Blanc Sceol/Surge Cooperative (Newham); Yorkshire Sound Women Network (Todmorden); and Full of Noises (Barrow-in-Furness). Concluding back at Stave Hill Ecological Park. @ the SHED. 06.00
REVEIL ends. @ the SHED. 06.00
06.00 BREAKFAST. @ the Compound. 08.00
08.00 Morning bird walk in Stave Hill and Russia Dock woodland, Rotherhithe. Led by John Cadera and Graeme Wright. Meet @ the SHED. 09.00
09.00 ARGH (Action Reading Group Hangout) with No Borders. Conversations, presentations and screenings by ARGH and guests. Contributions are invited from readers in the mobile library over the weekend, and in general. Programme includes discussions about how to sustain activist/artist collaborations, report from the group: Meeting Place for Sounds, screenings (in whole or part) of Phum Shang (Floating Life) by Haobam Paban Kumar. Details to be announced. @ the SHED. @ the Compound. 12.00
12.00 LUNCH. Vegetable soup, bread and salads by Paula and Max. @ the Compound. 14.00
15:00 Down to Earth. ATOM (Alisa Oleva, Timothy Maxymenko) & Andriy Kyrychenko. Sign up. Southwark Park. Meet @ the Compound. 15:40
SC10 ends. 16.00

PITCH. public works X Michael speers with Art Assassins (South London Gallery). Construction of scale model (1:2) in the Top Circle Meadow, Stave Hill, Spring 2022. Photo by South London Gallery.