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On-site: Stave Hill Ecological Park, London SE16 6AX

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Saturday 30 April 2022

All times set to London UTC+1. For other locations, check the time zone converter.

05.00 REVEIL broadcast from the SHED, Stave Hill, London, starts on Resonance Extra, Wave Farm and participating stations
05.30 Laonikos Psimikakis Chalkokondylis: River Lea x Shakuhachi. Live performance from the River Lea. 06:00
09.00 Charlotte Law: Red Room Sounding with Mao. Looking teething and teasing out an image through voice. 09:30
10.00 REVEIL: Fernando Godoy (Radio Tsonami, Chile) takes over the mix through American timezones (mixed live from residency in Rostock). 12:00
10.30 Inspiral London: Southwark walk. Walkers set off from Peckham Rye Station.
11.00 Tim Shaw: Ambulation. Soundwalk collecting acoustic and electromagnetic signals, streamed from the Locus Sonus soundcamp in Breil-sur-Roya, France. 13:00
12.00 Sound camp 9 opens to the public at Stave Hill Ecological Park, with a programme of walks, talks, performances and workshops organised around the PITCH portable auditorium by Public Works (Tom Dobson, Hester Buck, Cameron Bray, Angharad Davies) and Michael Speers, with Bizzie Bodies Arts Club and South London Gallery Art Assassins.
12.00 Common Agency Projects (Shane Waltener, Laura Glaser): Field weaving. Workshop in the Orchard. Audio streaming by Ciara Drew. Free. Book or drop in to join. Artists in discussion about the work at 2.30pm. 15:00
12.00 Bat box building workshop with Rebeka Clark (Stave Hill, TCV). All materials provided. Free workshop. Spaces are limited. Please reserve to be sure of a place. 13:45
12.00 Soundcamp: REVEIL mix back in the open radio studio at the SHED, Stave Hill Ecological Park, London. Follow the broadcast and extended radio programme, including IRC chat on the platform at
12.00 PITCH programme starts with REVEIL playing out in the space on a custom sound system by Michael Speers.
12.00 Noise Agency:Dawn Chorus Day @ Noise Agency. Live solo sets responding and interacting with the Reveil broadcast.
12.30 Inspiral London: Waterways walk. Walkers arrive at Stave Hill.
12.30 LUNCH. Dishes by Leon Lewis (Leon's Veg) based on seasonal ingredients and foraged wild plants. 13:30
12.50 Nikolas Valsamakis: Soundscape: from the sounding environment to music and back. Brief presentation and discussion about different approaches to the sound environment through the prism of electroacoustic music and soundscape composition. (In Greek)
13.00 Dimitris Barnias: Dytikós. Live performance from the soundcamp at Flora and Fauna Preservation Park, Chania, Crete. In partnership with the Technical University of Crete.
13.00 Carole Wright (Blak Outside): Walkers meet at Lambeth Garden Museum and set off for Stave Hill. Two stops are included at which you can also join the walk. Spaces limited. Please book. 13:30
13.30 Nick Sigsworth (Tanum Sound System): Speaker building workshop. Materials provided. All degrees of experience welcome. Drop in and out. This is a free workshop, but numbers are limited. Please book your place. 19.00
13.30 Ky Lewis (Experiments in Analogue): DIY photography workshop using custom equipment and analogue techniques to make unique images of the site, which participants can take home as a souvenir of the event. All materials provided. All degrees of experience welcome. Free workshop. Please sign up to be sure of a place. 15.30
14.00 Volkan Kiziltug, Ciara Drew: Field recording workshop. Hands-on workshop suitable for anyone interested in audio recording, from beginner to advanced. Covers approaches to sound capture and processing. Equipment provided, or bring your own. Free workshop with limited numbers. Please let us know you'll be there. 16.00
14.30 Common Agency Projects (Shane Waltener, Laura Glaser): Field weaving. Artists in discussion about the work. In the Orchard. 15:00
15.00 CONA institute for contemporary arts processing (Ljubljana) present a programme of transmission works by Victoria Morgunova, Patrick K.-H., Ksenia Bakhtina, Secretwar. For full listings please see the project page. 16.00
16.00 Carole Wright (Blak Outside): Walkers arrive at Stave Hill for a sharing of experiences from the walk. Snacks, libations, activities to be announced. 17.00
16.00 Margarida Mendes X Blanc Sceol (Stephen Shiell, Hannah White): Alluvial Soundings — 1. Shaping the Riverbed — co-creating the foundations and setting the space for the evening listening circle. 18:00
17.00 Acoustic Commons Study Group for PITCH: CORRESPONDENCES. A conversation with sound by members of the ACSG (Ella Finer, John Bingham-Hall, Lawrence Bradby, Tushar Hathiramani, Flora Pitrolo, Bianca Stoppani, Luisa Ulyett, James Wilkes, Lis Huang) in the PITCH auditorium and remotely by live audio stream. 18.30
18.00 Andrei Cucu: Living Room 6 p.m. Music for objects, electronics and open window. Live audio stream from Berlin. 18.50
18.00 DINNER. Hot food by Leon Lewis (Leon's Veg) based on seasonal and foraged ingredients. 20:00
18.00 Licensed BAR til late. Beer by Clarkshaws nano brewery. Selection of drinks with/out alcohol. 20:00
18.30 Shortwave Collective (Hannah Kemp-Welch, Sasha Engelmann, Brigitte Hart, Georgia Muenster): Open-Wave-Receiver — DIY Radio making workshop followed by radio wave interception / playout on the Stave Hill mound at dusk. All welcome. Materials provided. Please sign up to be sure of a place. 21:00
19.00 Sena Karahan: All Listening. Live performance from the Locus Sonus soundcamp at Pont Riche Pont Pauvre in Tende, Roya. 21.00
19.30 Colette Sarjano Utama McDonald: The Most Subtle of the Ancients. Live performance in the PITCH space. 20.15
19.31 Kate Donovan, Ally Bisshop: Sunset Radio. Thinking, moving, and transmitting through the threshold event of the sunset. 20.11
20.00 REVEIL: Leah Barclay (Biosphere Soundscapes) takes over the mix through Australasian and South East Asian timezones (mixed live from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland). 23:00
20.30 Iain Boulton (London Bat Group): Bat walk. Using ultra-sonic detectors to listen for bats echo-locating in the Stave Hill woodland. Meet at the SHED for 20.30. Sign up. 21:30
21.00 Margarida Mendes X Blanc Sceol (Stephen Shiell, Hannah White): Alluvial Soundings — 2. Liminal Opening - evening invocation of the internal waters. 22:00
21.00 Cyberforest, University of Tokyo: Live audio census of birds in the The University of Tokyo Chichibu Forest (Chichibu, Saitama), with orthithologists Reiko Kurosawa and Mutsuyuki Ueta (NPO Bird Research). 21:30
21.30 Maimi W. Nakamura: A Chat with a Forest. Live improvisation on saxophone from forest of the Shiga Highlands Biosphere Reserve. In partnership with Cyberforest (University of Tokyo) and Shinshu University Institute of Nature Education (Shiga Nature Education Park, Nagano). Duration: open.
22.00 Rural Development (Akihiro Kubota, Gívan Belá, Marco Kuhn, Golo Foellmer, Dom Leroy): Imagined Dawn. Daybreak sound work networked across Tokyo, Hranice u Malče, Berlin, Karlsruhe, Kerminy Bretagne. Duration to be announced.
22.00 Listening space in the PITCH auditorium through the night.

Sunday 1 May 2022

All times UTC+1. For other locations, please check time zone converter.

00.00 REVEIL: Maria Papadomanolaki (Soundcamp) takes over the mix through South Asian and European timezones (mixed live from Chania, Crete). 04.00
01.00 Mike Bullock (Ears in Space), Erin Ruggiano: Ephemerospheres: Chiropterans/Avians/Amphibians. Discussion and live mix of bat echolocation from Massachusetts Audubon's Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary. 02.00
03.00 Nuno da Luz: Howl Chorus. Performance for untrained voices, taking the the monitoring technique of howling survey as a starting point. Live performance from the Locus Sonus soundcamp in the Roya valley. 04.00
04.00 REVEIL: Hannah Kemp-Welch, Grant Smith (Soundcamp) mix the last stage of REVEIL through West European and East African timezones (live from SHEP, Rotherhithe). 06.00
04.22 Espen Sommer Eide and Signe Lidén-Ostensjo: Live stream from Østensjø nature reserve, Oslo, Norway. Part of the Reality-based Audio Workshop, a meeting of artists from Norway and internationally, attempting to re-think the relationship between sound and reality in our time.
For the Dawn Chorus Day Gabriele de Seta, Yngvild Færøy, Jiska Huizing, Joakim Blattmann, Signe Lidén and Espen Sommer Eide have chosen locations in various parts of Norway. Ernst Karel will stream from coastal California.
04.30 Dawn Chorus walk in Stave Hill and Russia Dock woodland, Rotherhithe. Led by local naturalists John Cadera and Richard Page—Jones. Meet at the SHED for 04:30. 06.00
05.00 Coda: streams and soundcamps around the 0° meridian, including FON at Ravenglass, Cumbria; Soundcamp, London. 06.00
05.30 Margarida Mendes X Blanc Sceol (Stephen Shiell, Hannah White): Alluvial Soundings — 3. Merging Flows — sharing sounds and acknowledgments. 06.30
06.00 BREAKFAST in the SHED compound. 08.00
08.00 Katerina Tzedaki: Soundwalk by the sea, Rethymno, Crete. 09.00
08.00 Morning bird walk in Stave Hill and Russia Dock woodland, Rotherhithe. Led by naturalists John Cadera and Richard Page—Jones. Meet at the SHED for 08:00. 09.00
09.00 River / waterway / beach clean with Surfers Again Sewage. Meet at the SHED. 12.00
10.00 Tree climbing workshop with Marcus Carambola, climber, activist and musician with Rebels Of Climb. Learn to climb trees safely using basic and affordable equipment. Useful for art, research and activist projects. All equipment provided. Free workshop with limited numbers. Please sign up to be sure of a place. Meet at the SHED. 12.00
10.00 Screenings, hangout, wind-down. Details to be announced. 13.00
10.30 Andre Louis in conversation about his long term streaming practice. 11.00
11.00 Acoustic fragments : Sonic representations of ruined houses in the city of Florina, Greece. A project by sound design students at the Applied and Fine Arts Department, University of Western Macedonia, Greece: Rafaela Deligianni, Marina Gkioka, Giwrgos Kalogiannis, Vasiliki Katsouli, Tasos Kuriakou, Aikaterini Makri, Nikitas Petridis, Nikoletta Stratigi, Giwrgos Tselios, Giwrgos Toulios, Vrakatseli Andromachi. 12.00
12.00 LUNCH by Leon Lewis (Leon's Veg). Hot dishes based on seasonal and foraged ingredients. 14.00
SC9 ends. 14.00

PITCH—open. Concept drawing by Public Works adapted by Sam Baraitser Smith.