Sounds from an open microphone on The Spit of South Walney Island. The streambox operates continuously, sending sounds to the internet where they can be heard in real time on the Locus Sonus soundmap.


The streambox is located on a shingle spit at the Southernmost tip of South Walney Island, facing the Atlantic ocean across the bay from Barrow-in-Furness. The beach supports a distinctive flora including the rare Walney Geranium (G. sanguineum var. striatum). In Autumn, seals come to the beach to give birth. From mid April it is home to a large colony of gulls. Sandwich terns, Eiders and other waterfowl and waders can be heard from the water and the beach. The box sits on a small concrete plinth above the tideline.


The stream was developed through the first phase of an artists residency coordinated by Octopus Collective and Soundcamp and hosted by the CWT Reserve on South Walney.

Work from this first phase was shown in Barrow Market Hall from 27 to 28 October 2017 as part of the Full of Noises Festival. Gull Spit included field recordings, video, writings and a pop up radio station relaying live feeds from 4 steamboxes installed on the island for the occasion.


The streambox was installed by Andrew Deakin (Octopus) and Sarah Dalrymple (CWT) on 7 April 2017. It uses a Raspberry Pi with Cirrus Logic soundcard, running V 3.1 of the streambox software developed by Stef Cousot at Locus Sonus and others. It includes the live audio streaming software Darkice, an open source project by Ákos Maróy and Rafael Diniz.

The box uses a Teltonika RUT950 4G router with an external antenna on a mast, to connect to an EE telecommunications tower across the bay. It is built of reclaimed ply with a rubberised coating and and overhanging slate roof to provide mass and weather protection for the microphones in an exposed site. A design based on a nucleus for bees or small vernacular building recalls the Greek root: oikos (house) in 'ecology'.


Octopus Collective
South Walney Nature Reserve
Cumbria Wildlife Trust
Locus Sonus

Supported by

Arts Council England