The fourth soundcamp will take place over the weekend of 6 to 7 May 2016.

We invite you to contribute a live audio stream, relay the broadcast, tune in on Wave Farm, Resonance Extra or other participating stations, set up a new soundcamp, or join us at one of these locations:

Stave Hill Ecological Park, London (SoundCamp)
South Walney Island, Cumbria (Octopus Collective with Cumbria Wildlife Trust)
Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon (Soundart Radio)
Bridport, Dorset (DIVAcontemporary)
Penryn Cornwall (End of The World Garden)
Bristol (in a live link with Taranto, Italy)
Chicago, Illinois (The Radius)
Hobart, Tasmania (Julia Drouhin)
South River, Ontario (Darren Copeland, NAISA)
Fortore, Italy (Interferenze, Liminaria)
Ljubljana, Slovenia (CONA)
Põlva County, Estonia (John Grzinich, Veljo Runnel)
Kolkata, India (The Travelling Archive)
Jeju Island, Korea (Jiyeon Kim, Gang il Yi)
Ravenglass, Cumbria (Tariq Emam, Robert Wilson)

The soundcamp at Stave Hill includes a popup radio station where we mix live streams contributed by a transient community of streamers on the Locus Sonus network and elsewhere, creating a continuous dawn sequence lasting one earth day. Each new stream adds to the detail and diversity of the mix. We welcome your sounds. Reveil 2017 will bring together acoustic and ecological projects from (among others to be announced): South Walney Island, Cumbria (Octopus, CWT); La Pampa, Argentina (Fabian Racca); Boadilla del Monte, Spain (Juan Carlos Blancas); Cologne, Germany (Udo Noll); Noosa River, Australia (Leah Barclay); Santiago, Chile (Cristian Pinto); Chiba, Japan (Kaoru Saito, Cyberforest); Gobi Desert, Dunhuang, China (Adel Wang), Pond Station, Acra, NY(Zach Poff, Wave Farm); Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, CA (Trevor Hebert, Stanford).

For details of activities at each location, please see the list of soundcamps. Workshops, walks and performances in 2017 will include contributions by Kate Carr, Lisa Hall, Weather Report, Tom Mudd, Rebeka Clark, Iain Boulton, Tony Whitehead, John Lely, David Rogers, 2.times do, Bram Thomas Arnold and Paul Chaney.

Food by Leon Lewis.

Dungarees coffee.

The Reveil live broadcast of daybreak sounds begins at 5 AM London time (UTC +1) on Saturday the 6th of May and continues until Sunday morning at 6 AM. Circling the planet with the rising sun on International Dawn Chorus day, it assembles daybreak sounds from wherever humans and non humans meet, in forests, on urban rooftops, in the deep oceans.


SoundCamp are grateful to CRiSAP, USTSC, SHED, TCV for their support.

And for ongoing partnerships with Wave Farm in New York, who will again host the main link in 2017, and Resonance FM and Resonance Extra in London, who will carry the show in full and in part.

Soundcamp is a place based project closely tied to Stave Hill Ecological Park in Rotherhithe and produced in collaboration with Rebeka Clark (TRUE / TCV), Clare Street and volunteers at SHEP.

In addition soundCamp depends on private supporters. Please consider making a donation to help provide a lightweight framework for these activities.

Thank you.

Image: soundtent, Stave Hill 2015, pinhole, Ky Lewis