The third soundcamp took place over the weekend of Saturday 30 April to 1 May 2016 with soundcamps at Stave Hill Ecological Park, London (SoundCamp); South Lakes, Cumbria (Octopus Collective); Camber Sands, E Sussex (Radio Arts); Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon (Soundart Radio); Bridport, Dorset (DIVAcontemporary); Penryn Cornwall (End of The World Garden). And in: Acra, NY (Wave Farm); Chicago, Illinois (Radius); Romania (Mazi); South River, Ontario (NAISA); Fortore, Italy (Interferenze, Liminaria); Ljubljana, Slovenia (CONA); Põlva County, Estonia (John Grzinich, Veljo Runnel); Sandfly, Tasmania (Julia Drouhin).

Additional Live streams from: Jeju Island, Korea (Jiyeon Kim, Gang il Yi), Hanoi, Vietnam (Nhung Nguyen), Mount Meru, Tanzania (James Wolstonecroft), Rethymno, Crete (Katerina Tzedaki), La Pampa, Argentina (Fabian Racca), Morretes, Brazil (Luciano Breves), Cologne, Germany (Udo Noll), Noosa River, Australia (Leah Barclay), Kolkata, India (Sukanta Majumdar), Melosilla, Chile (Fernando Godoy, Tsonami / Proyecto Tarabust), Chiba, Japan (Cyberforest programme), Hangzhou, China (Adel Wang).

Workshops, walks and presentatios with: Geoff Sample, Dan Stowell, Ceri Buckmaster, Rebeka Clark, Iain Bolton, Jez Riley French, Magz Hall, Tony Whitehead, David Rogers, Mandy Rathbone and ivon oates (listening walk and audio editing workshops), 2.times do, Bram Thomas Arnold and Paul Chaney.

Performances by Sarah Angliss, Jez Riley French.

Food by Leon Lewis.

The Reveil live broadcast of daybreak sounds began at 5 AM London time (UTC +1) on Saturday the 30th of April and continued until next Sunday morning at 6 AM. Circling the planet with the rising sun on International Dawn Chorus day, it assembled daybreak sounds from wherever humans and non humans meet, in forests, on urban rooftops, in the deep oceans.



Radius soundcamp in Chicago with Lindsey French. And on Vimeo

Octopus Collective soundcamp in Cumbria.


Soundcamp on International Dawn Chorus Day
Emma Warren for Caught by the River


SoundCamp London 2016 Programme

SoundCamp 2016 Announce

SoundCamp 2016 Visit


SoundCamp are grateful to Arts Council England, the Heritage Lottery Fund, B3Media, North Southwark Environment Trust, USTSC, SHED and Southwark Neighbourhoods for their support of soundcamp and related activities.

And for ongoing partnership with Wave Farm in New York, who again hosted the main link in 2016, and Resonance FM and Resonance Extra in London, who carried the show in full and in part and generously lent equipment.

Soundcamp is a place based project closely tied to Stave Hill Ecological Park in Rotherhithe and produced in collaboration with Rebeka Clark (TRUE / TCV), Clare Street and volunteers at SHEP.

In addition soundCamp depends on private supporters. Please consider making a donation to support the lightweight framework for these activities.

Thank you.

Image: soundtent, Stave Hill 2015, pinhole, Ky Lewis