Streaming recipes
 Locuscast free streaming app for iOS and Android from Locus Sonus
 Locuscast works will with iOS cameras adapter, Zoom H1 as audio interface and Primo mics (as used by Biosphere Soundscapes)
 Streambox with Focusrite - how to
 Solar streambox - Workshop notes from V2 Lab for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam
  Soundcamp can supply streamboxes for different situations fully assembled, as kits and as recipes.
  For more information please contact:

Streambox on vegetated roof at Stave Hill Ecological Park, Rotherhithe for Sounds Interrupted with Jessie Brennan, SC6, May 2019

Streambox - web interface

Streambox - Cirrus Logic version with Raspberry Pi



Streambox - off-grid versions

  Affordable but good audio / broadcast equipment (environmental micro radio)
  Microphones based on the Primo EM-172 or EM-272Z available eg from micbooster
  Linked to BIOM and Soundcamp micro festivals, networked by the Reveil 24hr crowd sourced daybreak broadcast
  The Focusrite streambox is quasi binaural, roughly like a SASS.
  For detailed how to, links and credits: Streambox with Focusrite..
  A new Raspi hat soundcard from iqAudio will soon make it possible to build smaller cheaper boxes - expected from late 2019. These will also be available assembled, as kits or as recipes.