On s'étonnera toujours que l'Angleterre soit peuplée, l'homme ne peut vivre sur une île qu'en oubliant ce qu'elle représente. Les îles sont d'avant l'homme, ou pour après.

Gilles Deleuze
L'ÎLE DÉSERTE   Textes et entretiens 1953-1974

Live stream from South Walney Island, Cumbria, NW England

  BIOM proof of concept project  
  A partnership between the Cumbria Wildlife Trust and Octopus Collective, SC  
  A stream from a remote location over 4G        
  Gives access to areas off limits (to minimize disturbance to fragile habitats) - cp other out of bounds streams: under water or radioactive     
  Installation in the covered market at Barrow for FON      
  Linked to a new artists residency      
  Cumbria Open Microphone Network (COMN) in dev    
  Listening for links between eg: The Nuclear Coast, Seabird Migrations, Marine Heritage > Hyperobjects (Timothy Morton)    
  Symposium at Goldsmiths 2017: 'Listening to the end of the world'    
  Flat Out - live stream and live print archive for LIAF    

That England is populated will always come as a surprise; humans can live on an island only by forgetting what an island represents. Islands are either from before or for after humankind.

Gilles Deleuze
L'ÎLE DÉSERTE   Textes et entretiens 1953-1974
Desert Islands and Other Texts 1953-1974
Gilles Deleuze