Albany NY
UTC -5
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wave farm - remote recording 2-5-2015

Acra, New York, USA

Latitude: +42°18'
Longitude: -74°03'

Zach Poff at Wave Farm  

Pond Station relays sounds of a fresh water pond near the Wave Farm Study Center

Wave Farm is pleased to once again partner with soundCamp to host the web stream for Reveil 2015. In addition Wave Farm Radio and Wave Farm's WGXC 90.7-FM will broadcast the durational event live.

On Saturday May 2, in conjunction with Reveil, Wave Farm will celebrate a new installation by artist Zach Poff. Pond Station is a long-term modular platform for monitoring the hidden activity of a freshwater pond near the Wave Farm Study Center. Sitting above the surface of the water, and powered by solar-charged internal batteries, Pond Station detects vibrations of light and underwater sound and broadcasts them to the Study Center studio through a live radio link.

On-site visitors and resident artists have the option to listen to the pond’s natural sounds, remix and interpret them, or close the loop and become performers by entering the pond itself. Off-site listeners may access Pond Station through a dedicated web stream, or via integration in special broadcast events.